Restorations ouaga 2000


At recess, a snack is served to students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. At the short lunch break, a hot meal is served to all students by subscription. Our restaurant is open to children and school staff, according to a subscription plan. Our varied and tasty IBSA menus are the joy of children. Our catering team, deploys creative treasures to offer our students meals that meet their tastes and the dietary needs of their ages.


Our menus, signed by Chef Désiré (Ducasse School) are a mix of international cuisine and new Ivorian cuisine.


We make sure that food and allergy are respected. For religious reasons, no pork food is served in our restaurant. We offer, upon request, after analysis of the files, personalized menus (menu VEGAN), at a special rate. Menus are regularly communicated to parents by email.


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