IBSA Education

Our school trains children to face the world 15 – 20 years ahead. They can no longer learn in the same way as their parents and grandparents.

In addition to preparing students to succeed in school and examinations, we also aim at equipping them with the fundamental /requise skills to succeed in their professions, after an enriching higher education career.

Thanks to our active teaching methods driven by the management of complex projects. Starting from kindergarten, students acquire basic skills in planning, organising, scheduling and timely delivery of specific work.

A student-centred organisation

The knowledge is available, you don’t need to know it by heart. On the other hand, you need to be able to adapt to changes, to have a creative and open mind in order not to be left out of the technological developments.

The 21st century offers a complex, diverse and open world, it is important to expose our students to different cultures.

We believe in experiential learning. Our active bilingual pedagogy is used from the age of 2 years in pre-school.

Multi-grade classes

IBSA’s differentiated approach is in itself a multi-level approach. We prefer, whenever possible, to group children in a multi-age/multi-level class.

In all classes, whether multi-age or not, children are all different.

They need a variety of teaching strategies depending on their personalities.

To believe that everyone progresses at the same time and in the same way is incorrect. Our teachers take this diversity into account.

In our positive educational atmosphere, multi-grade classes facilitate cooperation and autonomy. Our teachers are trained and prepared to handle the demands of having different age groups in a classroom.

Daily reading time

Our students read extensively in French and English

Every day for 30 minutes, school wide silence: everyone takes a book and reads.

Students, teachers, administration, maintenance staff, etc. We all experience the amazing power of reading. Reading facilitates the acquisition of language and allows children to develop their ability to listen and concentrate.

Going to school is not possible?

IBSA comes to you (on your computer, tablet, or smartphone). IBSA online is our e-learning window for differentiated learning continuity.

IBSA Online was also designed as a platform to link home and school, without disrupting the school rhythm.

It is a solution for social and academic interaction.

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