The Administrators

The administration supports the school’s activities through their daily support to the teaching staff, parents and students. They ensure that the team performs at his best and offers our students the greatest experience.

The Principal

As a true conductor, the school director ensures that the teaching, services, actions and interactions between members of the school community correspond to IBSA standards. The Head Teacher monitors teaching progress; monitors individual student progress according to IBSA standards; provides administrative support and guidance to teachers; supports class projects; advises families; monitors IBSA standards and maintains our high quality educational standards.

The Coordinator, your point of contact

IBSA’s coordinator are the hub of the school. As the principal’s right hand, their role is to facilitate the integration and daily life of parents, students and teachers by offering a quality liaison service to all.

The coordinator provides information to families and registers registrations. They assists the principal in:

  • welcoming new families ;
  • monitoring the attendance and punctuality of all pupils
  • organising teacher replacements, administrative, logistical and material support for teachers
  • organising extra-curricular activities, outings and extra-curricular activities
  • monitoring compliance with the specifications of external service providers
  • monitoring IBSA standards and maintaining high quality educational standards.

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