Pre-Nursery Ibsa ouaga 2000


The Pre-Nursery school is the first opportunity for children to socialise with each other, the starting point of a long scholastic journey. Our bilingual teaching starts with this class. We are conscious of the fact that toddlers learn to assimilate easily the stimuli that are exposed to them. A Canadian study conducted by the University of Concordia shows that exposing children to several languages helps develop brains that improve their learning abilities. This cerebral flexibility, in turn, results in successful learning.

Our young learners will acquire the knowledge that will develop their artistic sense, their self-sufficiency and their curiosity.

With the wealth of activities that will be available to your children, they will cultivate their social development, their motor skills and their language competence.

In our pre-nursery, the children learn to interact with their peers. Through play, they learn how to get their needs respected and how to respond to the needs of others. Rhymes and songs help develop the language skills, the attention span, the memory and the sense of rhythm of the child. For us, every child is unique.

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