IBSA High School

3 years of education and training leading to a personal project for the future

At the completion of Middle School, the educational team considers:

  • Individual Profile
  • Results of MAP Growth
  • Score of the Voltaire Certificate

…to construct for each student a Personal Guide Book, suggested to the family.

IBSA Secondary, tailor-made to build the future

3 academic options are available in high school. All three options are bilingual (a third language can be added) :

  • English curriculum – Advanced French
  • French-speaking curriculum – Advanced English
  • Dual-language curriculum

IBSA Secondary diploma, the key to a bright future

The end of the secondary school, ends with the IBSA High School INITIATIVE & INNOVATION Diploma.

  • Full range of options for access to listed universities and/or entrepreneurship
  • The curriculum ensures the progressive development of the initiative and innovation skills to adapt positively to changing world.
  • During high school, the professional and academic training of our students gives them the opportunity to choose the most appropriate personal next steps learning plan.
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