Myriam C. A. Navigué
Head of School

Words of the Head of School 

My education journey began almost 30 years ago, when I received my first degree as a kindergarten teacher. This experience not only contributed to the creation of my personality and character. It also set the foundation for a lifetime commitment to child development and holistic education.   

Experiencing IBSA curriculum many years later, many things completely riveted me, but most importantly, the calm atmosphere, the deep respect for the individual child and the endless possibilities provided to children to promote their independence and self-confidence.   

 After receiving a Master in Psychology, and after spending many years building education solution for vulnerable children in the UNHCR, I was fortunate to meet IBSA founding. Together,  we are building a community IBSA at 2 Plateaux, 7ème tranche, in Abidjan. 

For the past three years, I have witnessed the great joys and triumphs that unfold when children are supported and honoured for where they are developmentally, rather than where society tells them they should be.  Children have a natural desire towards curiosity, purposeful work trough projects, and more significant responsibility opportunities.   At IBSA, we provide them with those opportunities, knowing that their potential for growth and greatness is infinite.  

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our view with you! 

Vous souhaitez inscrire votre enfant dans l’une de nos écoles IBSA ?

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  • Notre programme extrascolaire offre aux élèves la possibilité de développer des compétences dans divers domaines.
  • Nos petits apprenants prennent leurs repas de midi et leurs gouters à l’ecole. Un soin particulier est mis sur la qualité des mets et du service restauration.
  • Pour faciliter le déplacement des élèves, nous mettons à leur disposition un service de transport.
  • Vous avez besoin de connaître dès maintenant les dates des futures vacances scolaires de vos enfants pour pouvoir vous organiser ? Pour avoir les détails du calendrier pour toute l’année scolaire 2020-2021, cliquez ICI.
  • Politique anti-Covid.

Vous pouvez nous contacter en ligne ou en vous rendant sur notre site. Pour plus d’information, cliquez ICI.

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